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Bug Out Bag Wilderness Survival Kit Module

Bug Out Bag Wilderness Survival Kit Module

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  • A PERFECT SURVIVAL COMPANION: This is a must for all Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, Earthquake Kits, 72 Hour Kits – Combine with PSA Ops Gear Trauma Pack for Emergency Survival Gear and First Aid
  • BE PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES! This emergency module has what you need to help you when you get stuck: Emergency Flashlight (Battery OR Hand Powered) – Waterproof Match Case (matches not included) - Emergency Shelter/Tent – Poncho - Multi-Tool (Pliers/Knife and more) - Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap / Scout Camo Tape - Emergency Rescue Blanket - Tick Remover
  • BRIGHT LIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT: Bright light with just a few squeezes of the hand lever - Does not require constant pumping to keep lit - FORGET WORRYING ABOUT BATTERIES: Can be used without or without battery power - Contains batteries (not rechargeable)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE TAPE WITH TONS OF USES: Scout Camo Tape: Medical (securing splints, holding on gauze or bandages) Repairing (equipment and gear) Binding (clothing, gear, equipment, shelter) Camp (gear, clothing, body) - BETTER THAN DUCT TAPE: So many uses and so versatile like duct tape but it leaves no residue and only sticks to itself - Works like tape, but sticks only to itself - Does not stick to skin, hair, or clothing - No need for tape, pins, or clips
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN AND MATERIALS: The emergency shelter + emergency blanket are Lightweight and Tough - Mylar reflects body heat back in the tent in cold weather and reflects sunlight away in hot weather - Comes with military grade paracord for suspension


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