About Us

We are Steve and Patrick, the creators of PSA Ops Gear®. PSA Ops Gear® is a brand from our company Inspiration Medical Technology.


Our focus is to make sure that you and your family and loved ones (your “flock” or your “cubs”) have high-quality professional-grade products at an affordable price to protect yourselves.


We made PSA Ops Gear for:

The Protectors – The Sheep Dogs and The Mama Bears

The Survivors

The Achievers


We make products and gear to protect and care for sheepdogs and their flock and mama bears and their cubs.

These are the products and gear that we carry ourselves and we give to our flock.

These are professional-grade products at economical prices so you can afford to outfit all of your flock – you and yours can be prepared for whatever may come your way.


We want to make sure there is never a situation that we and our loved ones are not prepared for.


We’ve got your back

So you can have their backs

PSA Ops Gear: Protect, Survive, Achieve.


We incorporate a lot of AllaQuix® into our products to help you Stop Bleeding Quick. Learn more about AllaQuix® here.