Carbon Neutral Shipping

We love the outdoors and we promise to do our part protecting them.
That's why all shipping is carbon-neutral.

What's this mean?

We neutralize your shipping emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then storing it.

For example, if a truck or a plane that delivers your shipment releases 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, then we ensure that 1kg of CO2 is also sucked from the atmosphere and stored away using solutions and technologies in the Shopify Sustainability Fund.

There is a fast-growing and evolving sector with many carbon removal technologies in different stages of development. These technologies include nature-based solutions, such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration and more high-tech solutions, such as direct air capture and mineralization.

How is my shipping neutralized?

The service we pay to neutralize our shipments mostly funds innovative solutions such as direct air capture and mineralization, and a small portion of nature-based carbon removal.

They fund companies such as 44.01, Carbofex, CarbonBuilt, CarbonCure, Charm Industrial, Climeworks, DroneSeed, Grassroots Carbon, Heirloom Carbon, Loam, Noya, Pachama, Planetary, Remora, Running Tide, and Sustaera.

Read more about our neutralizer, Shopify's Planet app, here.

How accurate can it be?!

The models and estimates aren’t exact, but we overestimate your emissions to make sure that they’re entirely removed.

We only remove carbon (CO2) emissions that account for 95% of the climate impact from burning fossil fuels for transportation. Other emissions such as CH4, N2O, and GHG aren’t removed.