Hiking Must-Haves

What hiking-specific gear do I need?

Optional Hiking Gear

What should I wear hiking?

It completely depends on the temperature and the season, but here's a general list of what you might need!


What should I bring to eat while hiking?

It depends on how long your hike is, but make sure you have extra stores of food that lasts longer than a day.

How much water should I bring hiking?

Hiking is strenuous! Plan on drinking an entire of gallon per day. This gets heavy though, so we suggest a purifying system.

What should I bring for navigation while hiking?


What safety gear do I need on a trek?

You NEED to be prepared for emergencies when hiking. Here's everything you should bring. PS- these are all included in our Hiking and Outdoor Adventurers First-Aid Kit.

What miscellaneous items am I missing?