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4" x 8" Sterile Army Battle Pads (ABD) - (Bag of 50)

4" x 8" Sterile Army Battle Pads (ABD) - (Bag of 50)

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  • MILITARY-GRADE + COMBAT PROVEN: ABD pad is short for Army Battle Dressing. It is also sometimes called an abdominal pad. They were originally developed for military use to treat combat or battle wounds when a highly absorbent wound dressing was required.
  • ESSENTIAL COMPONENT for all stop bleeding kits, IFAKS, active shooter, and hemorrhage control kits – Compact – Lightweight – Portable
  • ADVANCED WOUND CARE: PSA Ops Gear ABD Pads are Economical + Surgical-Grade + Comfortable + Effective + Medical-Grade Wound Dressings without a prescription!
  • SUPER ABSORBENT AND NON-STICK: Gentle + Absorbent: The Ultra-Thick Non-Adherent pad is absorbent to collect excess fluids (exudates) from wounds + Plus the ABD pad has no adhesive to stick to the area surrounding the wound so it will not cause skin irritation
  • ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Ideal for personal protection and protection for loved ones in all situations when bleeding may happen – Ideal for all sheepdogs and mama bears, outdoor sports and adventures, hunting, preppers, survivalists, and paramilitary personnel
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED + STERILE + MADE FOR SAFETY: These are in packs of 50 individually packaged and sterilized abdominal pads. The surgical dressings have been sterilized for safety + are not made with natural latex rubber
  • USE A STERILE WRAP TO HOLD IN PLACE: PSA Ops Gear ABD wound dressings are non-adhesive so try AllaQuix Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap as the ideal wrap to hold the sponges in place. The wrap is individually wrapped and sterile – which is key for an open wound. Plus the wrap only sticks to itself, so it will not stick to the wound or surrounding skin. It is comfortable and will not cause irritation.
  • COMFORT + PROTECTION: These wound dressing pads are soft and cushioned to cover and protect the wound to allow for faster healing
  • PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USING. This information does not replace the advice and instructions of a healthcare professional. When in doubt, seek the advice a medical professional. Does not replace stitches – seek medical attention if stitches are needed. Do not use on visibly infected wounds – seek medical attention.


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